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While we offer many engines complete, we also professionally dismantle many engines to augment our numerous purchases of new and used inventory. We maintain trace and all log data on components and engines and parts. Parts are documented and properly preserved in climate controlled warehouse.

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We have all types of items to meet your needs at prices you can afford. All Rights Reserved. Email Us Now! About Us Contact Us. Continental Engine. General Electric Engine.The General Electric J85 engine. Click on Picture to enlarge Originally ordered by the U. Over 13, J85s and 2, commercial CJ s have been delivered. Engine Overview The J85 augmented turbojet is a powerplant for high performance trainers and tactical aircraft. With more than 75 million flight hours experience on military and commercial models, the J85 offers the highest thrust-to-weight ratio of any production engine in its class in the free world.

J85 engines first entered service in More than 6, engines flying in a number of applications remain in active service in 35 countries. Current plans for the U. Click on Picture to enlarge J85 Turbojet Engine. The General Electric J85 turbine jet engine is used on the F-5 military fighter jet and the T military trainer aircraft.

The F-5 is a low-wing monoplane equipped with an all-moving horizontal tall mounted in the low position; the fuselage is carefully contoured in accordance with the transonic area rule. Small side-mounted inlets supply air for the two General Electric J85 afterburning turbojet engines.

The Northrop T is a small low-wing two-seat trainer airplane, with a maximum weight of 12, lb. It is powered by two General Electric J85 afterburning turbojet engines located close together in the aft fuselage, each with lb of thrust. The first T built flew in More than 1, were delivered to the Air Force between and when production ended.

Approximately remain in service throughout the Air Force and other facilities. The T needs as little as 2, feet of runway to take off and can climb from sea level to nearly 30, feet in one minute.

ge j85 jet engine for sale

General Electric J85 turbojets engines were used in the prototype for the F Stealth fighter. The X accomplished its first flight on 19 February as a vertical takeoff, hover, and vertical landing. The first successful transition from hover to forward flight on occurred on 24 May The C featured high-mounted wings and tail surfaces on a pod-type fuselage which made for easy rear end, unobstructed on and off loading.

Because of its powerful engines, it showed superior ability to operate in short field landings and take offs. It could carry 61 fully equipped troops for assault or evacuate 50 patients on litters plus six attendants. Insome models were fitted with auxiliary powerplants in a pylon-mounted 2, lbs. These were for emergency use. The ACK's were modified "Shadow" gunships with two J85 auxiliary jet engines installed and two 20mm cannons.

Using a combination of radar reflectors, chaff, electronic repeaters, and infrared simulators to mimic the large B bomber, the diminutive ADM Quail decoy could be programmed to execute at least one change in cruising speed and two turns after being released from its B carrier. It is propelled during flight by a single JT41 or JGE turbojet engine which produces 1, or 2, pounds static thrust respectively at sea level.

He ejected safely and the vehicle crashed. Both pilots ejected safely. The LLTV was for training in the critical final phases of the descent, from to feet on down. That put you in a simulated lunar one-sixth gravity environment. There were sets of RCS thrusters, just like the lunar module, to control attitude.

In addition, there were two other, vertically-mounted, hydrogen-peroxide-fueled 'lift' rockets that were capable of handling the extra one-sixth of the weight above the five-sixth that the J85 removed.

Given the cost of experimental flight aircraft and the evolution of increasingly sophisticated electronic and simulator systems, it was perhaps inevitable that NASA eventually turned to smaller, pilotless radio-controlled aircraft.

The J85 engine was originally designed for a maximum flight speed of Mach 2. Engine performance drops off past Mach 2, and increased compressor temperatures approach material limits. The tests were part of an overall program, supported by NASA's Hypersonics Office, to develop a turbine-based combined-cycle propulsion concept that may one day propel aircraft and spacecraft from take-off to hypersonic speeds of more than 5 times the speed of sound.As Apache and Black Hawk helicopters add capabilities and associated weight, they are also required to perform at higher and hotter conditions than they were designed for.

This has led to the need for additional power. In response, the U. Inspired by four decades of U. Army rotorcraft experience, GE responded to this need by designing the new T Building on an unparalleled record with the U. GE stands ready to take the U. Army into the future of rotorcraft aviation. Through our partnership with the U. Army, GE has supported every Apache and Black Hawk mission with reliability and operational readiness, building a trusted foundation for the future.

The T has been the engine of choice for Apache and Black Hawk helicopters for the past four decades. Created to succeed the legendary T, the T leverages decades of operational experience to give soldiers the capability they need and the reliability they demand.

The T will be ready to power the heavier and more capable Apaches and Black Hawks of tomorrow. Inspired by experience, GE is designing the future of U. Army aviation.

When the U. Army asked GE to create a more powerful, efficient, and durable engine we focused on the warfighters and maintainers by minimizing complexity with the proven single-spool core engine architecture.

Proven technological advancements enable the T to meet the challenging ITEP performance requirements without sacrificing maintainability. The modular architecture of the T reduces complexity, resulting in lower weight and increased reliability for the warfighter.

Utilizing our experience with the U. Army, we designed the T to be the most reliable, cost effective, and responsible choice for the future of U. In the extreme conditions of war, operating in a hot and high altitude with sand and dust clouds while under fire, you need reliable power to get in, complete the mission, and get out fast. Warfighters will have a significantly better capability with T powered Apache and Black Hawk helicopters with improvements including:.

This design practice leads to:. These improvements contribute to the T exceeding ITEP feet, 95 degree performance requirements without sacrificing the combat proven single spool architecture. The T's use of CMCs enable the engine to produce more power with less weight.

Higher temperature capability means more engine airflow can go towards powering the helicopter. The T directly benefits from GE's industry-leading additive manufacturing capabilities.

This technology enables game changing system solutions which result in improved performance with significantly fewer parts, maximizing reliability while reducing weight and cost. GE's next generation of engine cooling capabilities maximize the T's performance.

These technologies allow the T to reduce the amount of cooling air required to maintain the same engine temperature, delivering more power and significantly improved fuel efficiency. The results:. The Army's Apaches and Black Hawks operate in the world's harshest conditions.

For nearly 40 years GE engines have been there keeping them in the fight. Army to fly with confidence in tomorrow's severe conditions.

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The new IPS reduces sand ingestion and pressure loss, decreases wear on turbomachinery components, and provides significant time-on-wing improvement. The T includes multiple sand-tolerant design features, including:. On the front lines, things do not always go as planned and getting back in the fight quickly is critical. The simple, modular design of the T allows maintainers to disassemble, clean or repair, and reassemble the engine in the field, all with only light weight spare modules, without the need to carry the full weight of a spare engine.Last postPM by Navin.

J85 GE C Engines for sale. Reply Quote. T m3-tec.


Please advise if any of the J Engines are still availabe. I just want to know the detail of the engine and the price and delivery time, Thanks. Are you still looking for Js? Hi I'm interested in one of these engines Non aviation use Can you give me the price range and availability Also, where are they located Thanks Farid.

Farid, Are you still intersted in these engines? T itumcorp. Are you still intersted in these engines? Max Are you still intersted in these engines? Please let me have the details of the three on OHC condition. Is it new one or worked one??? I would like to buy 2 sets of secondhand JC engine, someone can provide quote? Benjamin Chu e-mail: benjamin bentech-taiwan.

I need a few. Regards Ross.

ge j85 jet engine for sale

Can you please send me a price list for J's you have for sale. Thanks Dan. Report abuse. Arnold Miller Joined on Posts 4. Gforce Joined on Posts 1. Ian Aus Joined on Posts 1.

Benjamin Chu Joined on Posts 1. Dan Rogers Joined on Posts 1. I also interested in this information.General Electric J The Quail was designed to be released from a B Stratofortress in-flight and fly for long distances in formation with the launch aircraft, multiplying the number of targets facing the SA-2 surface-to-air missile operators on the ground. This mission demanded a small engine that could nevertheless provide enough power to keep up with the jet bomber.

Like the similar Armstrong Siddeley Viper being built in England, the engine on a Quail drone had no need to last for extended periods of time, so therefore could be built of low-quality materials.

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The General Electric J85 is a small single-shaft turbojet engine. Military versions produce up to 2, lbf The engine, depending upon additional equipment and specific model, weighs from to pounds to kg. It is one of GE's most successful and longest in service military jet engines, the civilian versions having logged over Civilian models, known as the CJ, are similar but supplied without an afterburner, while the CF adds a rear-mounted fan for improved fuel economy. The fit was a success on the Quail, but again like the Viper it was later built with normal grade materials and subsequently used to power small jet aircraft, including the Northrop T Talon, Northrop F-5, Canadair CT Tutor, and Cessna A Dragonfly light attack aircraft.

GE Engine J-85-GE-21

The basic engine design is quite small, about 18 inches 46 cm in diameter, and 45 inches cm long. It features an eight-stage axial-flow compressor powered by two turbine stages, and is capable of generating up to 2, lbf At full throttle at sea level, this engine, without afterburner, consumes approximately US gallons 1, L of fuel per hour. At cruise altitude and power, it consumes approximately US gal L per hour. Several variants were produced. The J variant added a stage ahead of the base 8-stage compressor for a total of 9 stages, improving thrust.

The "c" suffix stands for the flyable reproductions equipped with the Jderived CJ engine instead of the original Junkers Jumo jet engine. Specifications Type: Turbojet engine with or without afterburner Length: Attach File:. The information has been sent. Powered by Joomla! Aircraft Lighter than Air Gliders. Main Menu Home Contact Us.

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ge j85 jet engine for sale

All Rights Reserved.It was running when placed in storage 39 years ago; its' container is included in this sale last picture. No Logs for this engine BUT we have some original paperwork when the engine was 1st delivered to us in Most tagged parts of this engine were built ; see photos. Both Hot and Cold sections turn easily and without noise. This variant of the J85 produces 2, lbs of Thrust.

There is no after-burner for this variant. Outside Container Dimensions are 40" wide x 64" long x 43" high; Original Loaded weight is lbs. We make no warranty that this engine could ever run again, however, using the civilian versions' CJ Fuel controls, Air start systems and completion parts it might be fun to try.

As this was a military engine, the original electronic interface has been removed. This engine was discovered mixed in with our helicopter engines. Those flights ended for us in the 's as our drones were then killed as Targets and we ended up with more engines than drones. This engine then went to GAM Program.

GE Engine J-85-GE-21

After the Quail program, this engine came back to us and placed in storage. Time for this engine to go to a new home. NO International Shipping. If you want to pick up the engine, pickup must occur within 10 days of Auction end; let us know if that is an issue.

The Can fits ok in the back of our Ford F 8 ft Bed. Have a Question?

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Feel free to contact us for an answer. Make sure to see ALL Pictures to identify what accessories are missing.

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Be advised that the program staff that flew this engine are long-since retired and many are deceased. All Sales are Final as we are closing down this side of our business and emptying out a building that will be sold. Engine has been containerized for 40 years, indoors. See pictures to see what accessories are missing.Skip to content.

As a public health precaution, both of our locations, along with all Smithsonian museums, are temporarily closed. See our message to visitors. Type: Turbojet, single-shaft Thrust: 12, N 2,lb at 16, rpm Compressor: 8-stage axial Combustor: Annular Turbine: 2-stage axial Weight: kg lb. In lateGeneral Electric began a design study of a high thrust-to-weight ratio turbojet engine. The prototype J85 engine ran in Januarythe first flight was in August as the power plant of the McDonnell GAM missile, and in September the prototype North American T Sabreliner flew for the first time powered by the first man-rated J85 engines.

The J85 was the first U. The most important applications were the Northrop T Talon, the first supersonic trainer, and Northrop F-5 Freedom Fighter, a low-cost fighter used by many nations from the s through the s. The J85 had the highest thrust-to-weight ratio of production engines built for its time up to 7.

GE built more than 12, J85 engines before production ended in For more information, visit the Smithsonian's Terms of Use page. IIIF provides researchers rich metadata and image viewing options for comparison of works across cultural heritage collections. View Exhibition. Collection Item Summary: In lateGeneral Electric began a design study of a high thrust-to-weight ratio turbojet engine.

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