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gruesome car crash aftermath

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Gruesome accident aftermath

Arizonamatt 20 days ago. My question is who's gonna pick up all the shit the thieves thats who haaahaaaaa. RealiJustinsane 20 days ago.Harrowing new footage of the moment parts of MH17 crashed into a Ukrainian field has emerged one year on from the tragedy.

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The shaky mobile video entitled 'It's raining bodies' has been released on the internet and was shot by a traumatised couple as they drove past the scene where the Malaysian Airlines Boeing was shot down, killing all people on board. The woman is so disturbed by seeing people falling from the blitzed plane amid the burning wreckage that she cannot stay and insists on driving away. Terrifying: Harrowing new footage has emerged of the moment parts of MH17 the bodies of the victims fell from the sky after it was filmed by a couple driving past a Ukrainian field.

The shaky mobile video entitled 'It's raining bodies' has been released on the web a year after the disaster. The couple's conversation reads as follows:.

Woman: 'What's there? What crashed? Man: 'What is that? Man: 'Someone's leg, did you see that? Man: 'Don't look there, what is all that?! A woman was flying or what, I don't get it. The woman passenger keeps crying. There are other remains over there.

So many people! Oh my God, there is a lot more people! Shocking: The dramatic scenes were captured by a traumatised couple as they drove past the scene where the Malaysian Airlines Boeing was shot down, killing all people on board. Devastation: The woman is so disturbed by seeing people falling from the blitzed plane amid the burning wreckage that she cannot stay and insists on driving away. Around them, the burning remains of the plane is visible.

The latest reminder of the tragedy came as pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine have offered to assist families of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 victims to visit the crash site. Many relatives have resisted travelling to the region which is legally part of Ukraine but under the sway of pro-Moscow rebels who the West blames for downing the plane. The militants backed by Moscow deny any responsibility. An investigation by the Dutch Safety Board is ongoing, with the final report due in October.

Emergency service workers remove a body from the scene of the crash in east Ukraine, 40km from the Russian border, which left passengers and crew dead. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Argos AO. Someone's leg, did you see that? Share this article Share. Share or comment on this article: Video captures moment MH17 victims fall from the sky in Ukraine e-mail 1.

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Comments Share what you think.Date : Sunday, 12 April at PM Nasty effects of road accidents caution very graphic and potentially offensive images!

This life is nothing. This is just too gory. May Heaven rest their souls. Truly horrific. Coming up soon. This is the latest photo editing technique in the world right now. Seeing is no longer beleiving at the present time. In this high tech, fast moving, over exposed world in which we live where not much shocks a lot of us anymore, I have to say these pictures shock, horrify and totally rubbish anything I've seen before. To those who lost their lives, if indeed these pictures are real they are so 'spectacular', if that is the correct term, in their grotesqueness that you would be forgiven for believing otherwisemay their souls rest in peace.

For those of us who have stomached seeing them, one hopes they have the desired effect on us which I hope was the original aim of the author of this thread, acting as a significant visual deterrent to daft and dangerous driving which lets face it is the hallmark of Nigerian driving these days. By the way Mr. As an after thought, also hope no minors have seen these pictures, for they surely would be traumatised by the very sensitive nature of their content. May the good Lord have mercy on us.

TO THE LIVING we all have be be our brothers' keeper when behind the wheels so as to not only safe our own lives but that of others as you dont know whose life you would have safed by your defensive driving and consideration. All rights reserved. See How To Advertise.The news that Miranda Valles and Matthew Summers had been killed in a motorcycle crash spread so fast that Dawn Valles started receiving condolence texts even before police could tell her that her daughter was dead. Someone had snapped a photo of the accident's grisly aftermath along Interstate and posted it on Facebook.

There was year-old Miranda's remains on the pavement near that of her year-old friend Matt's severed body. The ability to share unfiltered images instantly has turned the viewing of car crash photos into something of a spectator sport, where curiosity can easily be exploited for cheap clicks.

But after the horror of having a picture of her daughter's remains circulate online, Dawn Valles, of Downers Grove, is backing a movement that seeks to outlaw the recording of such images at crash sites. The effort has major hurdles — among them a technology that's hard to rein in and legal protections over recording in public spaces — but backers hope at minimum to get people to think before they take or share such a photo or video.

Maltempo: protezione civile, in arrivo piogge e temporali

That photo is always going to be on Google. Rob Summers was playing golf near his home in Spokane, Wash.

gruesome car crash aftermath

Rob Summers learned the following day about the photo showing his brother dead on the highway near Westchester. While the family was gathered for the funeral, Rob Summers asked his other brother to show it to him.

Now he regrets ever seeing it. Both families said they and their friends tried but failed to get Facebook to take down the photo as they watched in horror as its "likes" added up.

The image did come down from the site after a few days, but it was eventually posted on a site to which anyone can upload images, many depicting ghastly car wrecks. A simple Google search still turns up the photograph. Miranda Valles' friend Kaley Sullivan has started an online petition seeking an Illinois law to ban such photography. She said she was prompted to act after a similar situation played out again this summer. Sullivan learned her friend Steven Thomas had been gravely injured in a motorcycle crash when a photo taken just afterward appeared in her Facebook feed.

Site operators removed the image, but only after several of Thomas' friends and relatives saw it, Sullivan said. You can never unsee it," said Sullivan, 25, of Round Lake. If we notice or are made aware of a problem, we will remove it.

We apologize that we were not able to delete the photo before a large crowd saw it in the comments section," the email said. The person who wrote the email declined to identify who runs the site, saying it's a group of volunteers. Thomas, 26, of Richmond, died the day after the crash, for which another driver has been charged with DUI. His family declined to comment. Another video Sullivan saw online — capturing the aftermath of a car striking and killing year-old Edward Brandseth, of Bolingbrook — prompted her to reach out to his family, too.

He left his room to walk to a store, and was struck by a car near Ninth Avenue and Roosevelt Road. She said news reports about the crash led her family to discover graphic video that had been taken by a bystander and posted on Facebook. The shaky video, excerpts of which turned up on local newscasts, shows a decapitated person near an overturned, smoking car while responders work to extricate the driver.

At one point, an officer calls out to spectators, "Come on, guys, a little respect. If this was your family, you wouldn't want people filming it. Ed had a life. He had family," she said. David Perry, who said he shot the video and posted it on Facebook, said the video serves a purpose.

He has no plans to take it down, despite a few requests. I believe the family would want to know. I think Facebook is good. That's kind of our voice.In action and drama films, the car crash is often used to bring shock, surprise, and intensity to otherwise light, entertaining fare.

But on those rare occasions when a horror film decides to portray a car crash, those scenes are infinitely more harrowing and effective than in other films. The scene is brief, horrifying, and the aftermath of it hangs over the entire film. The opening of Inside echoes the tragedy of both The Descent and The Babadookbut directors Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury take it one horrifying step further by having the survivor of the opening car crash be a pregnant woman.

The film is filled with a series of disturbingly memorable horror set pieces, and one of them is the uncomfortably quiet opening moments in the aftermath of a wreck — a single living person sitting in the totaled wreck of a vehicle next to her dead spouse.

The only reason Crash received special consideration is because of its director, David Cronenberg, is an all-time horror great, and because the film itself borders on horror with its unflinching violence, haunting performances, and moody score. There is no doubt that the film spills into horror with its seediness, its garrote wire killer, and its performance from newly dubbed scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis.

The eighteen-wheeler landing atop the car it is pursuing is a particular highlight. Brilliant themes and skilled filmmaking aside, the whole film builds inexorably to one expectation: the car being pursued by an evil truck will finally turn around and face its pursuer. It does so, and in spectacular fashion, as the truck smashes through the flaming wreck of a car only to find itself teetering on the edge of a cliff… and there is nowhere to go but down.

There are several attack sequences in the film and more than a few car wrecks, but it is the over-the-top end sequence that puts it on this list. The local deputy lures the car into a quarry, sends it over a cliff, and then blows up the quarry and the car in an explosion sequence that seems nearly never-ending.

The plot and characters are outlandish, as is the car violence; there are only a handful of genuine car mayhem sequences, but those sequences are a wonder to behold. Based on his own short story, the film chronicles the growing war between people and the machines that have suddenly come to violent life.

The final act of the film is a prolonged chase scene where two couples are trying to escape a group of backwoods Satanists, and there are a number of fantastic crashes along the way. It is a remarkable enough feat to create a devastating car crash whose impact is felt emotionally through the whole film.

More impressive than that is the film whose entire story is about the painful physical aftermath of an accident, played nearly in real time. Stuck is real-world horror from Stuart Gordon, known primarily for his decidedly unreal H. Lovecraft adaptations. That includes lives, souls, and more than a few cars and helicopters. The wide-open deserts isolate the protagonist and antagonist in an eternal struggle, and the explosions of the vehicles are just more fire in their own personal hell.

But at the end of the night, the drive home spins the film in a new direction with breakneck speed.A tragic car crash that claimed the lives of three people, including teenage siblings, was so gruesome that the first emergency responder on scene had a heart attack.

A female passenger in the year-old's car was taken to hospital in a critical condition, but is expected to survive. Reports suggest that an unnamed first responder who arrived on the scene went into cardiac arrest after attempting to pull bodies from the crashed vehicles. Bannock County Sheriff Lorin Nielsen said that this accident was particularly troubling as neither car had put on the brakes before the crash.

Video captures moment MH17 victims fall from the sky in Ukraine

One deputy was also understood to have been given a day off to recover from what he had witnessed whilst other members of the force have been offered counselling. The emergency responder was rushed to a nearby hospital and has reportedly been released in the days following the accident. The collision is believed to have occurred when Eric's car swerved into the wrong lane striking the other vehicle head-on.

gruesome car crash aftermath

Although Eric was only 15 years old, it is legal for youths of this age in the state to drive. Eric's parents, Eric Snr and Bobbi Neibaur, from Pocatello, were driving ahead of the two siblings in another vehicle. They were returning from a camping trip when the incident occurred and only realised that something had happened when checking in the rear view mirror and realising the pair were no longer behind them.

It is believed that all three died instantly in the crash and the siblings' father said his children: "loved to torture each other" but also "loved each other very much".Horrifying photos show the aftermath of a tragic six-vehicle crash which left six people dead and three others in hospital in Birmingham.

Horror’s Most Devastating Car Crashes!

Cars were left demolished - with one appearing "unrecognisable" - a black cab was on its side, and debris was strewn across the road. Police have described the scene as "very difficult and upsetting" as they try to figure out exactly what happened.

Officers have sealed off the road and set up forensic tents near destroyed cars as they carry out an investigation that will last through the day. Shaken witnesses described a chaotic crash site with "people lying lifeless" in the road after four men were ejected from one of the cars. Three men who were ejected from the car were killed and the fourth was in a critical condition when the crash happened on Belgrave Middleway, near Edgbaston, at around 1am on Sunday.

gruesome car crash aftermath

One witness saw at least two people trapped under the taxi as she described the crash as "most horrible thing" she had ever seen. Witness Lizzy Bowers, 18, from London, said a large crowd rushed outside after hearing the crash.

High speed crash, the aftermath

Lizzy, who was visiting friends in Birmingham, said: "I was in the McDonald's drive through and there were two loud bangs. Vehicle 1 - A man and a woman who "astonishingly" only suffered "relatively minor injuries" despite their car being severely damaged. Vehicle 2 - The driver of a black cab, which had flipped onto its side, died at the scene, along with a woman passenger in the back. A man travelling with her died in hospital. Vehicle 3 - Four men were ejected from the third car, with three dying at the scene.

A fourth was rushed to hospital in a critical condition. Vehicle 4 - No-one in this vehicle - one of three further cars which had tried to avoid the crash scene - was seen by paramedics. Vehicle 5 - A man and a woman suffered minor injuries and were taken to hospital. Vehicle 6 - One man was examined at the scene and released, a second man said he didn't require any medical assistance. Speaking before the fatalities were confirmed, she said: "It was the most horrible thing I have ever witnessed.

It didn't look good at all. West Midlands Police described the circumstances of the crash as "very difficult and upsetting". A West Midlands Ambulance Service spokesman said: "There were six vehicles involved in the crash scene, which was extensive. In the first car there were a man and a woman. One was discharged on scene after assessment; the other said he didn't require any assistance. A police spokesperson said: "Despite the best efforts of emergency service colleagues, five people were sadly confirmed dead at the scene and a further person was later pronounced dead.

Motorists are asked to avoid the area as best they can. Anyone who witnessed what happened is asked to call police onquoting log of 17 December.

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West Midlands Fire Service said 40 firefighters helped in the aftermath of the "horrific" crash. Area Commander Jason Campbell said: "The first West Midlands Fire Service crews arrived in less than four minutes and were met with a complex scene, spread over some distance. By Tom Tracey. Chris kitching Senior Reporter. Video Loading Video Unavailable.

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