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This course covers the VW Groups diagnostic and information solution. There is a mix of both workshop and class room sessions appropriate to the subject matter. There are also ample opportunities to get hands on with the system and appropriate test vehicles. Buy Online. Next Available Date: Day s. Hour s. Minute s. Second s. This means using the dealers equipment, systems and software. Course Content. This training course covers the following subject matter areas: Dealer level from an independent repairs viewpoint.

ODIS design philosophy, operation and use. Hardware and software requirements installation and updating. ODIS for the independent mind. Joined up diagnostics, information and repair.

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Best use of wiring and technical information. Guided fault finding processes.

how to use odis

Flash programming, software version management, adaption and coding. Places on this course are strictly limited in order to ensure a quality training experience for all participants.

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Our Master and Diagnostic Tech programmes are planned to resume in September subject to regulations and Covid restrictions. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.The instructions below will make life easier.

An ODIS license will need to be generated for every brand you use. The last license file created will be the file that will be needed to install ODIS. If you own multiple machines running ODIS. The process of generating a license will have to be repeated for each of them.

This is because the hardware ID is different for every machine. Please note that some Microsoft Windows 10 updates change your machines hardware ID, therefore, periodically you may find an error when loading ODIS after such an update. This process of generating an ODIS licence will need repeating over again for each machine.

The above screenshots show how to access the page to generate a license.

how to use odis

For Example GB, to generate a liscense you also need to add the manufacture identification at the end. For further support or setup help please email me at info turner-online.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Skip to content. Like this post why not have a read about VASA Diagnostic Interface For further support or setup help please email me at info turner-online. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.ODIS System provide flexible fault diagnosis, clear data test display, convenient diagnosis entrance. This changes then depending on the brand of the vehicle.

Instrukcja VAS ODIS Kasowanie inspekcji olejowej - reset service oil

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(Tips) ODIS vs. ODIS Engineering, what’s the difference?

But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Necessary Always Enabled.Thursday, 8 December One step away from an iPad? So last time blogged, I had just completed my first cascade training session to my mates, and after a bit of Micky taking, it all went quite easy. We'll as promised, here's how the other sessions went The second session was a lot less nerve racking, as I knew exactly what to do, and had a better idea how long to spend on each bit.

Another big difference was by the time I did this session, a lot more of my work mates had seen ODIS being used by others and were genuinely interested. The third and fourth session was a breeze, which was mainly down to the Play and Prove zone.

Because there were now 5 of us using it at lunch times and discussing our scores, the rest of my work mates were all keen to have look at what they were missing out on, and have a go at bagging themselves an iPad!

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But more importantly - that was me DONE! And after passing the learner log on to my dealer principle - SENT!!! I have now finally taken level 1 myself too, and got nearly top marks, proving that practice really does make perfect.

So with just level two to complete and it looks easier than level 1I am now definately possibly one step away from a nice shiney iPad2!!! You beauty - bring on the next training course!!!

how to use odis

So, I work with these guys every day, right? How hard can this mini training session be? I spent probably about 20 mins getting ready: Bring car in - check Battery charger and wing covers on - check ODIS connected - check Faff about trying my best to waste time and put off the training - check ;- So after I couldn't put it off any more, I went for it And you know what?

It wasn't that bad! After everyone had laughed at me and generally took the Micky, I got into showing them how to open it up and getting them to navigate around the menus, and suddenly they were glued to the screen - rather than grinning at me! We continued on to have a play at GFF, and by the time I'd pointed out where to find Guided Functions, it was clear I was no longer needed!

And I really think this was the point that hit it home to me how much ODIS is better, because I had stopped trying to 'convince' people about the benefits of it, and was stood there quite proud of it - what's that all about!

By the time they were having a look around Self-diagnosis, they were sold, and my job was nearly done, and any nerves were totally in the past. The only thing left was to get them to sign the 'learning log', which turned out to be quite a nice surprise to end on.

Because it reminded me of 2 things I had forgot To give them their quick reference guides again, found myself showing off how they worked! Clearly, all I have to do now is actually pull my finger out and complete the Prove zone myself, as I've just noticed that someone has already passed level 2! Anyway, all in all, it's been quite a painless event The guys appreciated it, and the Dealer Principle seems well impressed!

I'll let you know how the next one goes!!! Monday, 14 November The cascade pack But now it's time for the real scary bit So, rewind back to the end of the official training, I was supplied with a 'cascade pack' with an explanation of how to use the documents that it contained, which would hopefully support me in training my work mates The pack consisted of: A 'to-do' list explaining what to doSome quick refence guides one for each technicianA learning log for recording who I'd trainedA pre-paid addressed envelope for sending the log backA session plan recommending what to train them, and how long it takes Now I've got to be honest, as a Master Tech, I've been to a number of API's etc where I been 'tasked' with passing on the information I was given, but this never seemed to be that important, and consequently was all a bit informal.

But this is clearly a completely different thing, as it's obviously really important that all the techs can use ODIS properly, and this is why I am feeling very very very nervous and a bit stressed! Now to be fair, I can also honestly say that I can't ever remember being so well supported in terms of the help I have been given to carry this out, but this still doesn't change my nerves!

Anyway, I've been through the 'to-do' list with my service manager and dealer principle, and after much discussion, they agreed how important this process is, and have consequently booked the 5 short training sessions that I need to train our 10 techs.

This means I now have exactly 2 days to get ready for the first session Watch this space Monday, 7 November Extra competition! That was of course, until I saw some of the HUGE scores that have started appearing on the leader board!Friday, 10 February Version 1. Been a while since I last posted anything, as I've been pretty busy with work, training new starters in our workshop with ODIS, and then to top it off - getting my head around a few issues here and there!

Cascade Process Last time I posted, I had just finished and sent back my learner log, and with this last part of the cascade process done, I figured I was on my way to winning an iPad2! As mentioned previously, this actually looked a lot easier than level one, which I thought was a bit weird, until I realised that I was probably finding it easier as I now am fully up to speed on using ODIS.

This is obviously the case for everyone else too, as the amount of big scores on the score board is much higher than that of level 1. Oh well, I've posted myself a nice top score of 10, - along with quite a few others! Better still, we're told that we're running on an old software version I thought this was supposed to update online now? Anyway, after much head scratching and asking around, we found out that there had been a number of updates over the past weeks 1.

This was so big that the servers were struggling to cope with it - hence we had not received it. So the auto-updating feature was temporarily turned off, which explains the synch error we're getting. So if all this is going on, why didn't anyone tell us?.

Pause for embarrassment :- They did! Cause I've yet again made the classic mistake of not checking Desktop! Upon reading the bulletin, it explained the turning off of the updates, which actually only happening very briefly in order to turn the updates back on one at a time, to reduce the traffic. It also turns out that the update of 1. Anyway, I was told that this version has now been successfully loaded for many dealers, and upon checking our machine, sure enough, one day the error disappeared and the version was confirmed as loaded.

I have also been informed that there has been an upgrade to ensure this won't happen again. The good news! On the plus side - in my experience with this new software, this version does a lot more than the previous versions, and seems a big improvement. Looking back to when I was first told I was being sent on some training for some new diagnostic software, I was quite a bit worried really, cause this was a training courses with a difference - I had to go back and perform Do something that was going to have quite an impact on the business if I didn't!

And when I look at where we are at now Was it easy? Was it worth it?

how to use odis

But the fact that this proves I can coach others back at work goes towards my reaccreditation - Yes. And the fact that I'm in with a chance to win the iPad is pretty good too! I hear some techs aren't bothered about going for this, which increases my chances!!!ODIS component protection user manual for newbies:.

Component protection is a VW Audi Group database. It tracks each individual electronic component, and which vehicle it is allocated to.

Essentially, component protection acts like an electronic padlock, tethering components to your vehicle. If we need to undertake any coding, adaptions, or basic settings of a component we need to release its padlock.

Component protection can be removed by any number of entities — both legitimate, and otherwise. The program, Offboard Diagnostic Information System Service for the Volkswagen Group, is used during workshop diagnosis and can identify vehicle control modules, read DTC memory entries and assist with vehicle repairs through Guided Fault Finding.

Functions such as measurement support, flashing control modules and vehicle self-diagnosis expand the range of application. All important information and services from the Volkswagen Group are available while working via a network connection to the group systems. The diagnostic protocol can then still be printed out or saved, as required. All fault memory entries have been deleted. However, there are still new or already familiar fault memory entries. Should a new test plan be created?

I have a problem with component protection removal and hope someone can help. Today I tried to adapt a restyling dash on a audi a4 8k with no success. Connected the FVDI selected component protection, generation 2, instrument cluster, the program connected to the cluster just fine and made it virgin, loaded the confdata from the 8T0 gateway eeprom but it fails to set the component protection, it says that maybe the confdata is from another car.

Has anyone ever experienced something like this??? So does any one know the process of removing component protection from an mib2? I am trying to fit this into my b6 passat I can get access to Odis but how do I remove component protection. How can i do that? I believe having CP deactivated on the car entirely is a dealer job and not all dealers will do it.

You need the help of a specialist. NO Read out the data required for subsequent online forwarding of the log, then save data Connect the diagnostic tester with respective hardware to your online network Component test ends. Tips and guides: this problem if cluster was made virgin with avdi odis cant remove cp anymore. Also i had this problem on ezs. So it is better to use just odis and forget avdi solution.

I know how to solve the problem : Read eeprom from another gateway f. It is an anti-theft measure.Welcome to world's most trustworthy automotive forum. Thread Rating: 42 Vote s - 2.

Reputation: 7. Make sure your hardware and ODIS software support online functions 2. This is individual ODIS Online Subscription for Audi, you need use it by yourself, can't offer to others, if the account stop work caused by several user login in, we will do not responsible for it.

This is online programming account for Audidont have account for rest Seat, Skoda, Bentley and Lamborghini 4. If you change a laptop or change another module want to put the account again, you will need to place another order for online service again 5.

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We only offer Audi account, please make sure you equip the base knowledge of online coding, and if you do not know how to work with it, we are not able to offer you refundthank you for your understanding. If you need this service pls contact Skype: eobdtool Reputation: Any other question, feel free contact Skype:eobdtool02 Best Regards Eobdtool. Why you dont want to offer a month subscription? Hi friend, we also offer one month subscription service, this service only offer via teamviewer, our technician will help you write into account, then you can use it.

Any question just feel free contact us Skype: eobdtool02 Best Regards Eobdtool. Reputation: 1. HiIs this online still workingif so I use to have online until about 2 weeks ago after vw updated there network it all stoped, so if you can still help me please let me know. We do the online coding by ourside for you. If you need it, feel free to contact us freely. Best Regards Eobdtool. Do you work through Team Viewer? Author: Edc17tricore. Replies: Last Post by Edc17tricore.

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ODIS enables/disables VW/Audi component protection

Users browsing this thread: 1 Guest s. As such, it is not acceptable whatsoever to publish any software that is bound by any legal restriction. MHH Auto greatly appreciates the cooperation from members on this critical issue.

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